Phones won’t stop vibrating from new concert announcement notifications.

Tired Bluetooth speakers are finally getting a rest as night clubs are back to blasting music at sensory-numbing levels.

Party playlists are actually being put to use at…you guessed it…actual parties.

The music world finally seems like it’s back to normal…..sort of. Openings, gatherings, and happenings make it feel like we have things under control, but with all of this change comes more unpredictability.

After all, after a year of being cooped up in our own houses, who would have predicted that we would celebrate our escape by helping Britney Spears break free from a conservatorship that’s kept her hidden from the public for over a decade?

How many of us predicted that a hip hop song would be a primary driver fueling some of the largest political protests that Cuba has ever seen?

Why else would 18 year old singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo’s comment on Joe Biden’s Instagram picture somehow lead to her visiting the White House to help the Biden administration convince Gen Z to get vaccinated?

Hell, in what universe would a Skrillex track sneak into my favorite songs of the quarter?? The answer is this universe. This incredibly unpredictable universe in which music, time, and togetherness is a privilege. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but we’ve got today to enjoy in the meantime.

All that being said, we likely have a long, festivity-filled summer ahead of us. There will be time to embrace the humanity, the defenselessness, and the liveness of it all. But despite the positive changes on the forefront, don’t forget how we got here, and that music will play a role in our lives no matter how lovely or ugly life gets.

The following playlist contains 40 of my favorite songs released over the past three months. Who knows, maybe one song will play a role in your next chapter. As always, the songs are in no particular order with a restriction of only one song per artist.

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