I doubt you need to check the list of songs on your old holiday playlist twice. They’re probably the same songs that were there last year, the year before that, and the year before that. They might even be the same songs that were playing on your parents’ favorite holiday radio station the year you were born. They’re fun, they’re nostalgic, but they’re about as fresh as a Christmas tree left standing in the corner of your living room until mid-April. You deserve more than that figurative fire hazard. You deserve some new holiday songs that don’t suck.

Well pat yourself on the back for being so well-behaved this year, because today you’re getting an early gift. This playlist contains 40 new(ish) holiday songs from recent years that you won’t find aimlessly scrolling around FM radio for the first time in 11 months. I don’t care if a new holiday music playlist wasn’t on your Christmas list, it’s the best we could do with supply chain shortages. Be grateful, dammit.