Damn FeenyFresh, back at it again with the live sets! Who better to get us over this hump day than one of my favorite artists of the past decade, Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man On Earth. I’ve posted a lot of songs from Kristian through my Top 100 Songs of 2015, Top 10 albums of 2015, and my Deep Breath Playlist, but I have no shame in posting about him again for my week of live acoustic sessions. The studio version of this track is my favorite song of all time by The Tallest Man On Earth, and seeing this live version brought literal meaning to the term jaw-dropping for me. Watching Kristian play guitar is incredible, yet oddly understandable to the point that you as a viewer might watch and think “Maybe I could do that one day.”

Kristian Matsson has a very hit-or-miss voice with most people as his vocal style strongly resembles that of Bob Dylan. However, the level of passion he shows when singing this song is objectively nothing short of inspiring. From the veins bulging out of his neck, to just having enough breath to barely finish the chorus, to the inability to control his physical expression on several occasions, this song is a cathartic masterpiece.

As some background info, Kristian Matsson is a Swedish artist and has been playing solo since 2006. He joins a lot of other great artists on the Dead Oceans record label and has gained a great deal of critical acclamation for his music worldwide. Kristian avoided media for a good chunk of his early career because he wanted to “let the music speak for itself.” He does not hold this policy anymore but still believes that his guitar and voice are not singular in his songs, and are meant to flow together and be like one intertwined, inseparable piece of art. He unfortunately hasn’t toured around Boston in a couple years, but he’s certainly at the top of my list as far as artists to see live!