The week of live acoustic sessions continues! This next installment is a cover of the song “Delete” which is originally by DMA’s. Both DMA’s and Sticky Fingers are from Sydney Australia, which could give some insight as far as why Sticky Fingers covered the song in the first place. This was another tune that I found by sifting through the 2015 Triple J’s Hottest 100 list, where this song ranked 84th for the year. It’s very rare for a cover song to make the Hottest 100 list let alone the fact that it’s live, so that should tell you how special it is from the start.

This song is especially interesting due to how far it strays from Sticky Fingers’ normal musical style. Sticky Fingers has to be one of the goofiest bands out there, as they identify as an Australian reggae band. If you hear their other hit songs, you’ll be blown away by how bizarre it sounds for the singer of a reggae band to have an Australian accent. Not to say their other songs aren’t good, because they certainly are…this song just left me speechless due to how much hidden talent they have. One of the best decisions Sticky Fingers could make moving forward would be to stray from their reggae style and write songs similar to this acoustic version of Delete. After all, a true test of how a band progresses is their ability to evolve their sound, and Sticky Fingers obviously has the ability to transcend genres.

As a random side note, Every member of this band looks like they just traveled forward in time from the year 1975. Hair that groovy doesn’t just show up overnight, you’ve got to work for it, and dammit, credit to Sticky Fingers for being that committed.