As advertised on The Chillin with Feeny Show, it’s the week of live acoustic sessions! Every Song of the Day this week is going to be a killer live acoustic tune, and I think I have some real amazing performances on deck!

One of the most glorious feelings you can experience as a music junkie is when you love the studio version of a song, then you hear it live and it turns out to be much better than the original version. A ridiculous portion of the music produced today is fabricated, artificial, and simply cannot be performed live without heavy assistance from a music production crew working hard on the sidelines to make the song sound “perfect”. Raw, pure, unaltered musical talent on the other hand can be nothing short of awe-inspiring, and I think you really get that refreshing feeling with Hey Rosetta! and other bands/artists that I’ll post about this week.

I can actually resonate a lot with the sleepwalking scene painted in the opening verse of this song. The song is inspired by the book “Franny and Zooey” by J.D. Salinger, as the lead singer Tim Baker said he would often fall asleep on the road and would wake up surrounded by people going about their business. As is shown in the chorus, he would often fall asleep feeling alone, but then would realize when he woke up that he has an amazing group of people around him whether he realizes it or not. Not only a great live song, but a cool story behind it…can’t get any better than that!