Its just been on of those weeks folks. Loads of classes, group projects, homework, job applications, and a million little things in between.

I was shuffling music on my phone last Wednesday when “Crime” by Real Estate came on. It was one of those “oh hell ya , nice move shuffle” kind of moments when the most perfect song that could have came on showed up in the nick of time. I realized I was starting to slip into one of my stress-ridden moods where I let work get the best of me and subsequently walk around like a sullen, distant outcast. No one likes to be around that person…that person’s no fun. Sometimes all you need is the right tune and a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth, ASAP (as slow as possible :p).

As a result of that perfect song/perfect time moment, I thought I’d make a playlist full of songs to help me (and you!) forget the stress and just relax. This short snippet of the playlist is more of a teaser, as I may post more of it as a later installment 🙂