So so so ready for the weekend. February can be really lame sometimes when you’re in the thick of heavy work and don’t have much to look forward to as far as holidays or days off. I figured we could all indulge in a little indie fun with Smith Westerns’ “Weekends.” I’m a real sucker for great harmonies and the chorus of this song sneaks up on you with how nearly perfect their voices mesh together. The rest of the verses are pretty lazy to the point that they’re almost humorous, and the music video really solidifies that lazy and carefree attitude that the band members obviously promote. Sometimes we all just want to be these guys if we’re being honest. Wearing cool 90’s-esque spray-painted clothing, eating at small and greasy food shops for every meal, and just going out into the woods and breaking stuff for the hell of it. It’s so indie-rock it hurts. Unfortunately however, the band announced at the end of 2014 that they were going on an indefinite hiatus. The lead singer Cullen Omori now has a solo career and the rest of the band members went on to form the band Whitney, which has a couple decent tracks under their belt already.