Cody Chesnutt is another artist that is beyond talented but somehow hasn’t found his stride. He hails from Atlanta, Georgia and has a voice that is built for R&B or soul music, as is palpable with this amazing song. The problem is that the vast majority of his other songs are tailored towards different genres or a 3/4 piece band, when in reality he should be focusing on his solo work. It isn’t everyday that you see this intrinsic vocal talent, and it’s a shame that Cody Chesnutt can’t find a way to write solo pieces (or have someone else write them for him for that matter) that would propel him to super-stardom.

I digress…there’s no need to complain when you have a song this great to wake up to. Just let the pure soul of this tune ignite your Thursday and put a natural smile on your face! Don’t hold back the happiness, friends!