After a very long day yesterday, this song brought me some unexpected solace. I walked out of class around 9pm to find it was lightly snowing. I pressed “shuffle” on my phone’s music and this song came on.Without even thinking about it, I started smiling and laughing. I actually have no idea why I did that (which kind of makes me seem like a crazy person now that I reread this…) other than that the song in combination with the light snow was just such a happy scene.

Night Beds is another band that I consider one of the most underrated groups in the alternative music world. They’re singed by one of my favorite record labels “Dead Oceans” who also have artists like The Tallest Man On Earth, Phosphorescent, Destroyer, Strand of Oaks, Bear In Heaven, and Kevin Morby. Nights Beds’ singles “Even if We Try,” “You Were Afraid” and “Head For The Hills” are all fantastic, while their first album “Country Sleep” was arguably my favorite album of 2013. Conversely however, their 2nd album “Ivywild” would have absolutely been #1 on my list of most disappointing albums of 2015 (if I made that list that is). No need to complain about Ivywild when their older stuff like Ramona is so good though. Hopefully this song can bring you listeners some unexpected smiles today like it did for me.

As a weird side note, I don’t know why I haven’t been putting pictures of the artists at the top of posts. Similar to the concept of music videos, I think its important to add a visual aspect so that you know who you’re listening to! Enjoy Night Beds!