I’ve been kind of slacking on posting more Rock n’ Roll-esque tunes, so I figured I throw out one of my favorite modern rock bands Band of Skulls. It’s getting harder and harder to find true modern rock bands these days, but Band of Skulls is one of the few that fit the bill and do so with flying colors. Their repertoire of songs is so deep across their three studio albums they’ve released that I’d put them up there as one of the top 10 bands I’d love to see live that I haven’t seen yet (They never come to Boston though…). Regardless, I’ll certainly be posting more from them in the near future.

Band of Skulls comes out of Southampton, England and snatched up a good deal of fame right away with a their alternative rock hit “I Know What I Am”, which was the iTunes free release of the week and was featured on Friday Night Lights and Guitar Hero. Their song “Friends” also made it onto the soundtrack of one of the Twilight movies. “Bruises” comes off of their second studio album and is my favorite track of the bunch. Also, after watching this music video years ago it has been on my bucket list to have some sort of intramural or rec league team where the uniform is suits and luchador masks. It actually doesn’t get any cooler than that. Sure its not functional at all, but looking good is just as important as winning, right?