How about we delve into some more Scandinavian indie shhhhtuff, eh friends? Lemaitre, which is French for “the master,” hails from Oslo, Norway. In reality, despite the literal translation, the band members Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund state that the band name is inspired by Georges Lemaître, the Belgian priest who proposed the Big Bang Theory. They join several great electronic and house artists on the Astralwerks Records label, which includes other such premiere names as Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, Empire of the Sun, and Daft Punk.

In all of their songs including Cut to Black, Lemaître does a fantastic job intersecting dance and pop musical styles. You can tell these guys are true hipster songwriters however (that’s a positive accolade by the way) and not just performers, which is especially palpable when listening to the acoustic version of this song. Lund also has one of my favorite quotes from an electronic artist that I’ve heard in a long time, as he said “We try not to write songs about love, and we definitely are not writing songs about partying, because that’s lame to make a song about partying that you play at a party.” I mean, God damn, it’s hipster attitudes like that that make me love doing this.