Listen friends, I know what you’re thinkin’. “What’s with all these European/Scandinavian dudes FeenyFresh keeps posting about? Bring back the Aussies!” Alright alright, no need to get aggressive, there are plenty of Aussies to go around people. Strange Talk come out of Melbourne and are signed to a rock-centric label Wind-Up Records, joining artists like Evanescence, Filter, and Five for Fighting, and Creed. Additionally, I thought it was interesting to note that this was the first band I blatantly saw that used internet cookies to understand my music tastes and advertise to me. Back in 2012 I got a sponsored Facebook post show up on my timeline that said “You liked ____ band, you should check out Strange Talk.” That may seem normal now, but at the time where this technology was just starting to surface, I was baffled. Long story short, that’s why Strange Talk is getting the air-time on my site today.

The lead singer Stephen Docker had a great line in regards to this video where he said “The car may look flashy, but it was so hard to drive, especially with a massive camera mounted on the hood. It’s completely blocking my vision whilst driving on winding roads in the hills of Malibu…After two long days of filming, it still baffles me how we didn’t get pulled over once by the police.” This dude is too spoiled. He gets to drive an out of this world retro car across the hills of Malibu and complains it was too hard to drive. Let me have a turn buddy!