Sorry friends, your boy FeenyFresh aka MCMC aka Mateo Feenan-o aka fee-nan the fee-man is gonna have to cancel this week’s installment of the Chillin with Feeny Show. The radio station’s software went through a series of updates and is now running slower than Windows 95. It’s taking 5 minutes to make one minor program command, making it impossible to load and transfer the songs I need for the show.

The station’s technical manager is going to come in and diagnose the problem later today, but by that time I’ll unfortunately (sort of) be one my way home for Spring Break. Since I’m on Spring Break next week, the show will not be airing next Thursday, March 17th either.

Although all you’re going to go through inevitable FeenyFresh tune withdrawals, keep that excitement pent up for the next show on March 24th! Sorry again for the inconvenience, see you in two weeks, friends!