Well folks, it’s finally here. A well deserved break has finally come. Sure, I’m just gonna be chillin’ at home while all my buddies are out in Cancun or Panama City Beach or wherever, but I’m not gonna complain about that. The whole point of this week for me is to relax as much as possible and just slow life down. So ya…you already saw the name of the song…you get where I’m going with this. Super subtle message, I know.

Although I didn’t actually post this list, PHOX’s debut, self-titled was one of the top 10 albums of the year for me during 2014. The Wisconsinites’ success has been snowballing quickly, as they have supported tours for several big acts over the past few years such as The Lumineers, Paulo Nutini, Blitzen Trapper, and The Head and the Heart. They’ve also performed at notable festivals like South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, and Apple’s iTunes Festival.

As you’d expect from a song called “Slow Motion,” this song is super relaxing. The lead singer Monica Martin sounds like she’s singing an alternative lullaby, while the music video paints a nostalgic picture of pure imagination and having fun by embracing goofiness and simplicity. Also, holy hell, that clarinet solo! When’s the last time you heard a song and were like, “That was a great clarinet solo.” Never, that’s when. I’ve always had a soft spot for odd instruments incorporated well into alternative songs, and I’d say a clarinet fits right into that infatuation.