Stand up, get down, spring break’s in town. Despite that I’m not actually traveling too far for spring break, it’s still very necessary to be playing upbeat party tunes and dancing for dancing’s sake all this week. For that reason all the songs of the day this week will be spring break jams.

How about we start with a little fun-in-the-sun festival song, eh? Whether or not you’re traveling this spring break, this song will make you feel like you’re “bathed in sunlight” along the coast of some lively tropic. Crystal Fighters comes to us from London, England and plays a fast and passionate style of music. They get their name from an unfinished opera with the same name written by singer Laure Stockley’s grandfather in his final months before dying with dimension. They use the style and ideas from this wild, prophetic, and often nonsensical poetry as the inspiration for their music and lyrics. It seems pretty palpable that their uninhibited style makes for fun and upbeat music perfect for kicking off spring break right!