Back to the ol’ grind, friends. I don’t care that it snowed this morning, we’re almost to spring and I’m feelin’ good about it. Alternative folk music makes for some of the best feel good tunes, inducing a combination of head bobbing and the subconscious desire to want to strum an air banjo or play an air violin. Make This Leap is a perfect example of that uncontrollable desire to play instruments we have a rudimentary knowledge of at best, which makes it perfect for a little Monday chillin’.

When watching this band perform, it’s seemingly obvious to think that these guys look like they have an oddly close connection, like they’re best friends or something of the sort. Well, as it turns out, they’re called The Hunts because they’re all siblings, and that’s their last name. The Hunts come out of Chesapeake, Virginia and all learned to play violin as children by their mother who runs a music school. They taught themselves other instruments along the way and began gaining success with their in depth songwriting process that was, as their band bio states, “intensely collaborative.” To all you brothers and sisters who don’t get along out their, take note of the power that a strong family bond can have! So whip out your air banjos and air violins and feel the good on this happy Monday.