Well, the inevitable end of spring break has finally come. As was mentioned at the start of this blog, not every song of the day needs to necessarily be a new song. Considering its the last day of spring break and normally the songs played for last call at the bar are classic sentimental songs, I figured we could go that route. Seriously, when’s the last time you stayed until last call at the bar and didn’t hear Come On Eileen? I couldn’t personally tell you, because it happens every damn time. Never gets old.

Talk about a one hit wonder. As is the case with most one hit wonders, most people would hear this song and have no idea who sings it. As for people who do know who Dexys Midnight Runners are, most would ask, “I wonder what those guys are doing now?” Believe it or not, despite this individual hit song coming out in 1982, Dexys Midnight Runners are still trying to push out more music. They actually changed their name to Dexys and came out with a new album in 2014! I give them a lot of credit considering how much time it’s been since their one hit wonder and given the fact that their frontman Kevin Rowland is 62 years old. Sure, its possible that they are just giving themselves an excuse to tour again and make some extra money in their late years, but you can’t argue with that kind of passion.