S’much spring breaking left to do, s’little time to do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: adding a brass instrument to an electronic song is an instant recipe for success. The trumpet alongside the modern beat production and funky guitar brings a youthful integration of classic instruments to a fun party tune. Sunrise was the first song released by Slaptop who at the time was actually just a college student from San Francisco recording out of his dorm room. Soon enough this debut single shot up to number 5 on the electronic music charts and Slaptop was signed by the brand new “singles label” Ensemble Records.

Other than that, there is almost no information on this new artist. It seems to be a theme of the song/video however that it shouldn’t matter who he is or what he’s doing. He’s enjoying himself with the little money he has by going out and just being a crazy care-free kid. That could be a good mindset to temporarily keep in mind during these last few days of spring break. So move to the music ’till you see the morning light, because nights where you can do that are dwindling fast!