You ask anyone in England who knows anything about music and they will tell you they love Frank Turner. As a Hampshire, England native, it isn’t not surprising…palpable in fact that Frank Turner grew up singing in open mic nights and random bar gigs to perfect his live performance-based craft. After beginning his career as the lead singer of Million Dead, he began a mostly acoustic-based solo career starting in 2005 and is currently backed by a band known as The Sleeping Souls.

An artists personal disclosure of song meanings can be refreshing when so many artists these days leave their song meanings up for interpretation (which is understandable, just frustrating). “The Way I Tend To Be” is beyond relatable for anyone who’s had a relationship end subjectively prematurely, which has been the case for about 95% of humans. Frank Turner describes in a heart-wrenching quote that “It’s about regret. The inspiration took place in Sydney airport at 3am when I was really tired and quite drunk and made one of those phone calls you shouldn’t make, which led to a chain of events featured in the song…The exact specifics of my personal life have moved on since then, but songs are a natural moment in time.” I don’t normally like to fill up entire paragraphs with quotes, but you can tell Frank speaks straight from the heart in describing this vivid life event. I don’t mean to be overly depressing with this quote…life is good friends! You just have to appreciate when an artist is brutally honest with his work and can connect with the listener on a sensitively personal level.