It’s a great feeling when you hear a song and think “I feel like I recognize that voice…” You won’t always be right, but realizing that the band you’re listening to consists of legendary members from other recognizable bands brings unexpected excitement in a nerdy music junkie like myself. Tired Pony consists of Snow Patrol’s lead singer Gary Lightbody as well as Richard Colburn of Belle & Sebastian, Peter Buck of R.E.M., Iain Archer, Archer’s wife Miriam Kaufmann, and Jacknife Lee (best name ever, by the way).

It was a lifetime dream of Lightbody to create a country album. Despite diverting from the original plans a bit, their album “The Ghost of the Mountain” with its “country tinge” was the result of this dream. It’s always a pleasure looking at a video like this an seeing true natural musical talent. One might listen to this song and think two, maybe three instruments are being played because of how seamlessly their sound flows. In the music video however, the listener is pleasantly surprised by the fact that there’s 6 to 7 band members playing at once with instruments you’d never expect like a wooden box drum (0:28), an acoustic guitar being played like a slide guitar (1:15), and even a guitar being played with a violin bow (3:18). Not to mention that harmony in the chorus…just plain irresistible.