Lo Siento, I am very late with the song of the day today. Not often do you see some Kiwi’s (aka New Zealanders) come out of the woodwork as a prominent band, but if you were to ask me what the next great New Zealand-based musical artist would sound like, I’d probably say a funky reggae-esque band like the Black Seeds.

The Black Seeds, aside from being a modern day funk/reggae group, have some very interesting qualities as a band. Lead singer Barnaby Weir is part of the band Flash Harry and Fly My Pretties, while former band member Bret McKenzie plays Figwit in Lord of the Rings and is also a member of world renowned comedy group Flight of the Conchords. That kind of life path is unparalleled in numerous cultures let alone musical groups, which could explain why The Black Seeds haven’t had extensive time to create and perform new music recently. Rather than complain however, I’d like to commend the style of funky mellow music that The Black Seeds play that isn’t only uncommon in music culture today but is rarely seen in any of today’s mainstream music scene in general.