I get it friends, I’ve beaten the whole “I’m obsessed with the Tallest Man On Earth” thing to death. But when you take my favorite album of last year and make a phenomenally beautiful yet short, bite-sized documentary about it, I just have to say something.

First of all, even if Kristian Matsson wasn’t a singer/songwriter, he would still likely be my favorite poet. The internal struggles that he pours onto paper in some of the most loosely vivid imagery I have ever seen leaves my speechless. His emotional journey is so palpably beaten down, revived, beaten down, and then revived over and over to the point that you’d expect him to give away some secrets of his life other than the good times. Yet his poetic style is so malleable in its interpretation that he almost seems like a stranger.

Second, the visual media team around this guy is otherworldly. The shots captured in this documentary induce so many emotions that the director obviously intended the viewer to feel. If you check out his social media pages, the photographs his crew takes of the band and Kristian’s travels are beyond incredible. From the perspective of a marketer, The Tallest Man On Earth’s brand is so solid, well-rounded, and downright interesting, while the content he puts out on top of his music makes me come as close to begging for more live shows and studio albums as I can.

Oh, and by the way friends, my prayers have been answered! The Tallest Man On Earth is finally coming back to New England! Definitely recommend checking out his website and seeing if you can make one of his concerts. I don’t remember being this excited to see an artist live in years!