Let’s start the week off with an indie-rock jam from the land of universal healthcare and the home of Kraft dinners, shall we? That’s right friends, I’m obviously talking about Canada and the Ontario-based crew Born Ruffians. These guys have been playing and touring for more than ten years now, hitting the road with esteemed bands like Franz Ferdinand, Caribou, Peter Bjorn and John, Hot Chip, and Tokyo Police Club. Pretty impressive, eh?

The structure of this song and its lyrics are a nice change of pace from the classic “Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus” song structure that most listeners don’t realize they’re overly familiar with. Frontman Luke LaLonde varies his speech to keep the listener on his/her toes, as he trails his words at the start, then suddenly and sharply stops each word with each stab of the guitar, then lets out short pitchy yelps at each chorus that are surprisingly catchy. The way LaLonde connects his words is fascinating as well, ending many lines with the beginning word of the next (“When I was a boy I / Wish that I was older / Wish that I was taller / Tall enough to see / See the things I see today / Now I wish they’d go away / How they’ve led me far astray / Stray from what I need”). Such an odd structure and differentiated set of lyrics stands out in my eyes and gives these Canadians bonus points for memorability in my book.