Sometimes we’ve known a song our entire life, but until we have sort of specific situation to associate it with, it stays unimportant as “just another good song.” No Rain by Blind Melon is a perfect example of that sort of song association, as I had no particular affinity to it until a couple days ago, but I’ve been jamming out to it nonstop ever since. I was playing in an intramural softball tournament, which one can imagine is not too serious of an environment, so my friend Andy was playing feel-good songs over his Bluetooth speakers during the game. This song came on in the third inning while we were getting crushed 10-1 by the school baseball team (don’t ask me why they were allowed to be in the tournament).

I can clearly remember standing out in left field on that beautiful spring day, watching home runs soar over my head without a care in the world. A lot of my more competitive teammates were looking at me in disbelief as I was grinning from ear to ear while subtly dancing and singing to myself as Blind Melon played in the distance. I just didn’t care. It may sound strange, but this song reinforced the concept that sometimes not caring is the most healthy thing I can do to be happy. It feels great to have a 90’s classic made to feel new again!