After a day off for President’s Day/Marathon Monday, a lot of us may be looking at our lives in comparison with those runners and conjuring up some rare inspiration to get some work in. Let’s ignite that fire of inspiration friends, because dammit, it’s time to run. Sure, that could mean literally running, whether on the treadmill, the street, or a path, but for those of us pent up in an office all day, maybe it’s time to run through all the annoying work we’ve been putting off, or time to run an important meeting. Whatever your interpretation is, Lord Huron is here to help with this fast-paced but light-hearted pick-me-up tune.

This Los Angeles-based indie-rock band received inspiration for their name from Lake Huron, where band founder Ben Schneider would grow up visiting, as well as where he would spend evenings playing music around the campfire.The band actually started as Schneider’s solo project back in 2010, as he recorded the first several EP’s by himself. He only added group members as time went on in order to play live shows, but most of these new members were friends he had known since his childhood days back in Wisconsin, making for a seamless transition and a smooth sound.