I’ve been feeling a wave of inspiration over the past few days. This is one of the songs I’ve been listening to that, with its persistently fast drum beat and intensely synth-ed out electric guitar, gives me tunnel vision so that I finish every task that stands in my way. This London-based band is all about immersing yourself in your work, as lead singer Nathan Nicholson moved from Tennessee to London at the age of 20 just to surround himself in the Britpop scene and focus on his craft. The Boxer Rebellion will release their 5th studio album “Ocean by Ocean” in about a week and a half, with the prereleased songs sounding impressive but more electronically driven than “Diamonds.”

Also, for those who could use a history lesson, The Boxer Rebellion is a famous uprising during the year 1900 in China undertaken by the Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists against the spread of Western/Japanese influence. The rebels were called boxers as they performed calisthenic rituals and martial arts referred to as “shadow boxing” which they believed would give them the ability to withstand bullets and other attacks. There, even if you didn’t like the song, at least you learned something today.