Alright, enough with the soft songs for now. Let’s break out some classic, raunchy, pure, low-fidelity garage rock jams, shall we? This tune popped into my life last night via shuffle after a long unplanned hiatus, and after a day filled with sitting in the same seat in the library for 6 hours and subsequently sitting in class for another 4 hours, I cannot explain how fired up this song made me feel after such a long day.

Look, if you want to know anything about modern day rock and roll, that are maybe 10-20 bands that are essential to your knowledge. The White Stripes, or Jack white at the very least, should be near the top of that list. Forget a four piece band, these guys are arguably one of the most legendary two piece  bands in the existence of music. What tangible evidence of success supports The White Stripes greatness, you ask? Oh, just one double platinum album, two platinum albums, one gold album, 6 Grammy’s, 5 MTV Video Music Awards, and a ballet productions created based on their discography. So even for you rock and roll fans, if the only White Stripes songs you know are “Icky Thump” and “Seven Nation Army”…it’s time to start researching.