Taking a deep breath isn’t always voluntary. It’s a busy time of year and it can be far too easy to feel suffocated by the heaps of anguish that comes hand in hand with being overworked. In these times of hard fought anguish, it may be tough to keep a smile on your face for more than a few seconds. In reality however, you shouldn’t need a reason to smile. Their are too many joyous facets of life to count if you’re truly honest with yourself, and life itself is one of those facets. I see the “Joy of Nothing” to mean that life itself should be an intrinsically happy experience. So smile friends!

Sure, you may have read the title of this post and thought to yourself “I love Vance Joy! Oh wait…” Look, I love Vance Joy too, but Foy Vance has flown under the radar for far too long. The Northern Irish musician’s claim to fame comes on the heels of Ed Sheeran, who Vance has toured with several times. Their musical styles are paralleled in their complexly unique lyricism, soft acoustic instrumentals, and their organically folky voices. Not many people can say they have a similar hairstyle to Vance either…that bald head/elegant mustache combo is downright unparalleled.