It’s a useful trait to find joy in the art of simplicity. This song often gives me the impression that the members of Superhumanoids are bringing us listeners through their lives learning their respective instruments. They start with basic chords and marching band-esque drum beats that the majority of people could play with minimal instruction, then slowly build up to more complex riffs and beats to give a tribal rock feeling to the song that makes it seem like it would be a gem to hear live.

The first time I heard about Superhumanoids was actually because of their live performance. They were opening for Local Natives at the House of Blues in Boston back in 2013, but they had yet to come out with a full-length album at the time. Much to my surprise, they turned out to be just as good if not better live than Local Natives, blowing the audience away with a very atmospheric synth, guitar, and drum based performance and a lead singer with a set of golden pipes that no one saw coming. The LA based group has become much more of a public figure in the alternative world over the past 3 years, as they have since released 3 albums and 2 EPs which have all gained impressive critical acclamation.