As I approach the last two weeks of college, all I’ve been hearing when conversing with those outside of our bubble of carefree 22 year olds is “You better enjoy it!’ and “It’s going to be over soon!” Look friends, I realize that. We’re all eventually going to want to travel back in time and relive what seemed to be a hedonistic standstill in time because, well, working just plain sucks sometimes. But I think if you have the right people surrounding you, that glimmer of 20-something year old freedom and happiness can last a lot longer than you’d expect it to.

With that kind of attitude at large in “Hold This Tight”, it isn’t a surprise that I Know Leopard are yet another group of laid back Aussies. If I could pick one song to define how I’ve tried to live my life, why I traveled to Australia for four months, and why I want to just chill out in the lazy river the entire time I go to water parks, it’s “Hold This Tight.” This ominous percussion driven jam values friendship over all in its Alexander Supertramp-esque camaraderie-based message. Rather than taking the depressingly common view that the passing of time is disappointing and unsatisfying, lead singer Luke O’Loughlin stresses that “People go their ways, the seasons change, we carry on. Nothing hurts us when we’re all together in the sun.” He then reasserts this opinion with the line “Things, they make more sense when you’ve got friends who work it out.” So what did we learn today from our Aussie friends? When you’re stuck in a rut, down on life, or just plain unsure of yourself, surrounding yourself with the right friends is the key to a long and happy life.