Skylar Spence, formerly known as Saint Pepsi and named Ryan DeRobertis by his mother, has lived a fair share of his life as a rogue warrior of love. That’s right friends, DeRobertis is oh so painfully single. All of his previous songs had been about unrequited love, and as DeRobertis explains, “I got tired of that narrative a dozen songs ago, so for ‘Fiona’ I decided not to play the ‘guy who wants everybody to feel bad for him’ and that freedom allowed me to have a lot of fun. “Fiona Coyne” takes a different approach in this face-sucking, new-age disco inspired tune.

“Fiona Coyne” is about the feckless tendencies of man to self loath about being lonely, rather than actually fix his own problems. Walking around and seeing what seems to be love based on surface-level attractions had been a problem for Spence, but after persistently sticking his neck out, he’s found that breaking this surface of infatuation is more than possible. Through the music video’s guidance, he’s actually trying point out the occasional ridiculousness that relationships can emit, sprinkling in voices of a fictitious “Fiona” to illustrate a lighter side of infatuation without bumming listeners out.