Onion’s have layers, ogres have layers, and “The Walk” by Mayer Hawthorne has oh so many layers. Regardless of that HBO marathon-inspired Shrek reference, this song may seem like an ode to traditional Motown music from a wide-framed glasses-wearing hipster. Despite that that hipster getup may coincide with the Motown style, the message of “The Walk” is far from standard. Hawthorne’s tale strays from the typical love story or the equally as likely “whoa is me” ballad, and instead tells the story of a relationship shrouded by the conflicting beauty and poisonous attitude of Hawthorne’s lover. Not all that shine’s is gold, but it can be tough to tell when what’s shining is gilded.

Seriously though, if you want to surprise a crowd during karaoke night and still sing your heart out, this is the tune for you. When the audience is expecting a love song and you start with “Baby whatcha doin’ now, you’re pissin’ me off,” you will certainly turn some heads. But hey, isn’t the point of karaoke to entertain? So just for one night, toss aside the Journey sing-along songs, strap yourself up in your best suit and skinny tie, and do your best impression of an angry and infatuated LA performer. Mr. & Mrs. Smith wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (sorry, definitely too many movie references for one post).