We have another prime example of an Australian band that no one has ever heard of, yet will take you away on psychedelic journey through the waves of their coastal roots. It’s quite honestly astonishing Googling “Band of Frequencies” and finding that Google barely recognizes them as a band, giving the definition of “Bands, Frequency Ranges, and Allocations” as the top search result. At first that search aggravated me, but upon further reflection I couldn’t help but laugh thinking that there is absolutely no way that these bona fide Aussie hippies care to the slightest degree whether Google recognizes them or not. With band name that refers to the concept of each person vibrating at a certain frequency with the lowest being fear and hate and the highest being love and compassion, it’s safe to say their core values lie on beaches far away from what many of us busy Americans are used to.

Lead singer Shannon Sol Carroll further emphasizes the aloof but carefully directed message Band of Frequencies tries to push, saying “Like radio and TV stations, we also broadcast our particular band of frequencies at any given moment. We are just a Band of Freq’s doing our thing to raise the collective frequency through sound.” Looks friends, I realize all this Woodstock-esque talk might seem like a bunch of trippy beach-bum gibberish, but you have to respect a band that truly puts their minds, hearts, and music where their mouths are. When they tell you to live the truth, trust in loves growing presence, or willingly accept failure as a possibility with a smile on your face, they truly mean what they say. How can you apply all of this in the now you ask? Simply take a deep breath, force yourself to laugh, and enjoy ubiquitous happiness that defines the Australian way of life.