Heat wave, shmeat wave. Walking outside and feeling like you’re melting in 90+ degree weather is just part of the commonly yet sporadically changing conditions within this little corner of the world we know as New England. Locally based Boston natives Big D and The Kids Table know all about those bizarre New England conditions that can cause you to curl up on the couch in horror of what’s outside, but their DIY album production skills and 200+ show per year work ethic suggests a more positive outlook than many people may have about this weather.

So take this opportunity to sip down on some cheap beer. Talk to your friends about nothing and everything at the same time. Laugh at the dumbest inside jokes that are funny for reasons you can’t fully explain to anyone else. Find summer love, or embrace the love you already have. This summer’s going to be filled with a whole lot of positivity and when that sun is shining on, take a page out of Big D and the Kids Table’s book and just smile.