Despite only one full length EP released since their inception as a band in 2013, the small sample size available from San Francisco natives Logan Grime and Skyler Kilborn, aka Midi Matilda, is a hearty and fruitful tidbit of tunes at the very least. Grime and Kilborn got their start in heavier alternative rock roots, covering songs from bands like Kings of Leon. After splitting from their previous band and beginning a new chapter as a creative hi-fi production-centric duo, they aim to find their own niche in the alternative music world, as they mention “We want our shows to be like Daft Punk meets The White Stripes.”

Those are massive shoes to fill, but with so few examples to base their future success on, there’s really no reason to doubt them (from an optimist’s perspective, at least). As always, with a great new indie band comes a great story behind their band name. Midi Matilda was the name of Logan Grime’s great, great, great grandmother who migrated from France to Virginia City, Nevada over a century ago. When Grime was a child, his father drew him a picture of a robot playing music and named it Midi Matilda after their distant relative. Grime had that picture on his wall all throughout childhood and eventually decided to wrap the concept of the band around this combination of past and future inspiration, as is the case for Midi Matilda’s (the band) unique style and sound.