Being sick sucks. After spending the weekend completely incapacitated with a cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, and high fever all fueled by the preposterous amounts of pollen, I began to think that that thick layer of yellow coating every stagnant object in sight was all part of nature’s diabolical plot to get me sick. As many people have realized before me, I never think about the fact that I’m healthy until I get sick, with this being an especially prime example given I was only about a half mile away from the beach the entire time that I laid half-dead on the couch. In relation to songs about being sick, I understand “Cough Syrup” is a stretch given the song’s reference to the medicine’s overly sedative qualities when abused, but it ain’t as easy as you’d think to find songs about being sick.

A classic group of Orange Country beach bums, Young the Giant have risen to alternative superstardom over the past 6 years with songs like “Cough Syrup,” “My Body” and “Apartment” all reaching the top 5 on the United States alternative charts. Their passionate dance-rock style (which is much more present in their other songs, not so much this one) similar to bands like Jimmy Eats World or the Arctic Monkeys blends the fading old-school rock’n’roll genre with the ever-popular dance hall party tunes, thusly forming Young the Giants identity that everyone has adamantly supported for over half a decade. Young the Giant runs on a very consistent schedule, coming out with a new album every 3 years and with their next album release scheduled for August 12th of 2016, so stay tuned for more updates on new Young the Giant tunes in the upcoming months.