After/during my first day of work, 3 separate people mentioned to me, “You only have 40+ years left!” Sure I can take a joke, but after a few times the comment started to send me for a loop. After a quick and silent freak-out, I realized that if I’m quantifying the future so broadly for the rest of my life, I’m going to be a miserable person to be around. The time I’m at work or not at work is relative, because time is nothing but a fictitious constraint meant to constrict my personal autonomy. I know this, Spoon knows this, and we should all know this.

One of my favorite songs from 2014 off of one of my favorite albums of 2014, “Inside Out” and Spoon’s album “They Want My Soul” have respectively been fantastic capstones on Spoons career. “Inside Out” gives the listener a sense of floating adrift, whether at sea or somewhere mental that can’t be properly described. With its distant kick drum and twinkling synth, you may forget you’re listening to a song at all and feel as if you have a slow, mellow soundtrack as a backdrop to your life. Some may argue Spoon, a traditionally loud and occasionally hard indie-rock band, has gone soft with slow tracks like this. Slow tracks are a sign of intelligence if you ask me, especially looking at some of the slower masterpieces from traditionally loud bands like The White Stripes (We’re Going To Be Friends) or Guns’N’Roses (Patience).