After 6 years of driving around in my 1998 Volvo crapbox, the day has finally come that I have a new car. I can’t emphasize the levels of excitement I’m feeling in transitioning from the car that my  friends would laugh to the car my friends look at in envy. Yes, I’m incredibly grateful. Sure, I’ll stay humble about it. But for the time being I fully plan on dropping the windows down, spinning the volume dial a few notches above what’s acceptable, and blasting ignorantly loud music in a cathartic display of pure joyousness.

I’m obviously a fan of this song considering I’m posting about it, but I consistently feel let down every time I listen to it. The first 30 seconds or so draws the listener in with one of the catchiest intros I’ve ever heard, yet the next 3 minutes are disappointingly average with mediocre vocals accompanied by decent instrumental back-beats. If the emphasis of the song was focused mainly on small manipulations and repetitions of this original beat and thus excluded the majority of the subsequent vocals, I truly believe this song would be a viral summer jam for the ages. For now I’ll just have to enjoy the artist’s rendition and continue my mindless indulgence in my ability to drive the most powerful machine I’ve ever owned.