This is going to sound gross, but until last night I hadn’t brushed my teeth in almost 2 days. After bouncing around grad parties and associated couches all weekend, it was expected that my hygiene would take a toll and that I’d have to buy into Orbit’s marketing campaign and clean my teeth by using chewing gum for a few days. After finally scrubbing away remnants of beer, cake, and hangover-curing breakfast pastries from my eventual pearly whites, I found myself humming this tune to in a naturally audible reflection of my content feelings towards the weekend celebrations I gratefully experienced with some of my best friends.

London-based band The Maccabees released this song on their debut album “Color It In” back in 2007, experiencing a fantastic local reception with two songs reaching the UK top 40 charts and the album itself reaching as high as number 23. Despite the entire band being atheistic, they derived their band name by opening the Bible and picking a random word to be the band’s name. It may be ironic seeing such a simple and aloof name choice for a band that has seemed to make a living identifying oddly specific occurrences in life such as “Toothpaste Kisses,” but I’m not one to judge the creative direction of a band who made me happy to brush my teeth.