Everyone has that one concert, or in some cases that set of concerts, that they kick themselves for the rest of their lives for missing, and Cloud Control unfortunately joins that exclusively cringe-worthy group of bands in my book. When living in Australia I got a notification in a concert notification app that Cloud Control was playing in Sydney about a month later. After looking into it, I found that they were playing with world renowned alternative duo Angus & Julia Stone at THE Sydney Opera House. I immediately asked my friends when they were going to Sydney, and they told me that they had all just booked tickets to Sydney yesterday so that they could tour the city one week BEFORE this incredibly concert. I begged and pleaded for the trip to be extended, but I eventually caved due to “fear of missing out” associated with traveling without my best friends. Looking back, it may seriously have been a better decision to wait a week and go solo. Strong emphasis on the SYDNEY FREAKIN’ OPERA HOUSE. The initial FOMO was obviously misjudged and misplaced, and I can never forgive myself for missing that show.

Getting back to the business at hand, Cloud Control is so diversely entertaining. I’ll surely post more of their material in the future, but after hearing this song what kind of band do you think they are? A singalong, campfire song-producing alternative collective that thrives in the acoustic realm? You’d be correct making such an assumption at a surface level, but in examining other Cloud Control songs like “Dojo Rising,” “Scar” or “Promises” you’d find that they successfully delve in a plethora of sub-genres like grunge, progressive rock, and indie pop. As I’ve attested to before, a great deal of this diversity can be stemmed back to the typical Australian mindset, with the band members within Cloud Control playing the style or genre that feels momentously natural as influenced my the extensive list of musical role models that they, along with every music fan (aka everyone on earth) justifiably has.