Rewind about 6 years ago to the year 2010. I hop into my brother’s black box shaped Volvo as a naive 16 year old boy unsure of my career aspirations and goals beyond a few weeks out. All I had immersed myself in thus far life could be clumped into the categories of school, sports, and friends, but I’m starting to discover the magic of underground music because of my influential older sibling. My brother plugs in his iPod and the bellowing and emotional piano of “Skylark Interabang?!” catches me by surprise. We sit with lips sealed as Made in Heights’s singer Kelsey Bulkin echoes melodies that justify our speechlessness.

And then the beat drops. God, do I hate that platitudinous, dubstep-esque phrase, but it just can’t be described in any other way. Waves of amplification from Made in Heights’s producer Sabzi blow me away as smile creeps on my face and the simple thought “Woah…”comes into my head. That non-confrontational 16 year old rebel couldn’t be burdened in relinquishing my eternal independence to ask what song was paying, so I slyly picked my brother’s iPod out of the cupholder to sneak a peak at what song was playing in order to subsequently show it off to the masses in an unrealized act of pure selfishness. He caught me and chuckled, saying in an act of legitimate telepathy, “Am I going to hear you play that with your friends later?” Little did he know I’d be sharing this gem with the world 6 years later in a mass media medium. Don’t worry bro, the credit’s all yours.