An integral part of the joy found in driving is associated with the music being played in the car. Singing by yourself or with friends within the comfort of your own noise cancelling vehicular bubble while transforming the steering wheel into whatever applicable instrument is being played is just as much a part of driving as, well, driving. Here’s the problem I’ve been facing though: I lent my friend my auxiliary cord weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to get it back. You know what that means: I’m stuck with the radio. After a few weeks of radio inspired commutes, I can’t say there’s been too magic with my go-to FM stations. Last night during a late Sunday night drive following a long weekend however, 92.5 The River really surprised me with this hidden gem.

I have no idea how Matt Simons’s 2015 single slipped through my fingers last year. The video has nearly 20 million views and rightfully so, as Matt Simons said himself, “The dance community seems hungry for songs with a deeper meaning.” That instinctual intuition for what the masses demand in modern music proved to be spot on. “Catch & Release” hits a relatable chord with me (and 20 million others, apparently) in illustrating the methodology of dealing with daily struggles by escaping to some sort of separated space, whether that be a literal place or a space within the mind. Simons’s musical acumen stems deep within his roots, as both of his grandparents were opera singers and he attained a college degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance. There may not be jazzy inclusions in “Catch & Release,” but you have to commend Simons on his well-rounded music background regardless.