It’s about time I start making memories with this first summer as a post-grad. After a several month hiatus, I’m back in the concert game with a live show I’ve been waiting to see for half a decade. Beyond The Tallest Man On Earth’s raw, awe-inspiring yet oddly natural voice that I can’t wait to see first person, there is so much more to this show to look forward to. First of all, He will have a full band supporting him, solidifying that his esteemed 2015 album “Darkbird is Home” (ranked #1 on my Top 10 Albums of 2015 list) will be the main attraction of the day. Additionally, the concert will be held in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s ocean-side public space, Prescott Park. Now, you have to realize, I would have been willing to pay legitimately silly amounts of money to see this concert. I was absolutely baffled to the point that I called the town’s public service staff when I heard that the concert is completely FREE with a suggested donation of $5-$10 and general admission blanket/lawn chair seating. Portsmith, New Hampshire, I am forever indebted to you after this act of pure gratitude and courteousness. I may even donate $11.

I’m going to try and stop myself from rambling too much about the greatness that defines The Tallest Man On Earth since I’ve talked about him several times before, but this Swedish man’s music has been my anthem through my highest highs and lowest lows over the past year. Part of the magic was that I’ve never been able predict how Kristian Matsson’s profound, mysterious, and wise lyricism in combination with the powerfully simple instrumentals would make me feel. His music could force a smile on my face after a physically or emotionally brutal day, or it could even unexpectedly bring me to tears in my only emotional release in months. No matter what emotion arose, I always felt better after a session of listening to The Tallest Man On Earth, and I can’t say that about any other artist. Although it may seem like an over-exaggeration, or strange at the very least, his creativity and general musical expression gave me hope and excitement about my capabilities and spirit as a developing adult. Despite that I don’t expect others to see his music in even close to the same light, most people can relate to this heartfelt attachment to an individual artist’s music that seems to consistently make the world come alive.

As I mentioned, I have already reviewed The Tallest Man On Earth time and time again through my week of acoustic songs of the day and through the Darkbird Is Home Short Documentary review. To revisit these posts which are some of my personal favorite bits of media I’ve covered, check out the following links.

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The main attraction this post on top of a minor emotional spill is this playlist of my 20 favorite Tallest Man On Earth Songs, ranked in order from top to bottom. Like I said, I don’t expect most people to be blown away, but at the very least its appreciable how easily Kristian Matsson’s music will likely translate to his live show today.