So dumb ol’ FeenyFresh forgot to mention that before the Tallest Man On Earth Concert I attended yesterday (which was beyond phenomenal), Lady Lamb was scheduled as the opener. Lady Lamb, led by the beautiful Aly Spaltro, hails from Brunswick, Maine, which is basically just a hop and a skip away from yesterday’s concert venue over in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As is to be expected from an most opening acts, Lady Lamb hasn’t experienced a great deal of fame or public recognition despite their apparent talent. The three piece band did well to embrace that hometown feel though, which was especially obvious when she tried to introduce her band members to the crowd as a lead singer often do and basically said “I’m from Portland…this is the guitarist who’s from Portland, and this is the drummer, who’s from Portland…yeah, like I said, we’re from Portland.”

Lady Lamb really had fun with their set, playing off the uniquely open environment in Prescott Park and using the space to their advantage with purposefully echoed guitar rifts and occasionally tasteful and passionately melodic yelling into the microphone. Spaltro even let the crowd in on a little secret on what made the occasion a little more special for this essential townie, as she explained during a break between songs that today (so yesterday, July 6th) was her 27th birthday. Not only that, but she was actually born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and hadn’t been back since the day she was born. Gotta love unexpectedly being part of someone’s sentimental biz.