The amount of times over the past few weeks that I mentioned  I was going to a Hall & Oates concert and the person I was talking to stared blankly back at me and said “Oh…who’s that?” is beyond disappointing. Who’s that?! Only one of the most iconic bands of the 80’s, you uncultured buffoon. Sorry, maybe I took that a step too far, but Hall & Oates did in fact have at least a dozen major hits that any of those aforementioned buffoons would listen to and say “Oh ya, I know this song!”

Daryl Hall and John Oates may have not been as limber as they once were, but they still had the entire crowd moving in a constant motion of mindless dance. Hall apparently had injured his vocal chords several days earlier and was unable to hit some of his higher notes, but the entire crowd was still there to sing those notes for him. One aspect of their performance that was still there was their adoration for the people that brought their peppy pop songs out of Philadelphia and onto the international stage. Oh, and they still had great hair. God damn, did they both have great hair.

Below is a setlist of the songs that they played in the order of when they played them, which included 2 encores (Rich Girl/You Make My Dreams and Kiss On My List/Private Eyes). In all honesty, I think the double encore thing was more annoying than a classically fun act of showmanship. I much prefer the route that Dave Grohl pulled when Foo Fighters came to Fenway last year, as he told the crowd, “By the way, encore’s are bullsh*t. We’re not going to walk off stage and pretend that we’re not coming back even though you all know we are. We’re just gonna play as long as we can until the city shuts the lights out on us.” Outplayed performing tricks aside, they still had a packed Xfinity Center on their feet for a full hour and half, which is beyond impressive for a couple of guys coming up on 70 years old.