The past few weeks have been filled with amazing live performances by some legendary artists, both new and old. Being engulfed with the spirit of such raw live talent over a very short amount of time has gotten me in a pretty sentimental mood. While driving down woodsy back roads, shuffling music on my phone, and reminiscing about my past experiences with live music, “Water Runs” by Reptar came on and hit me with a wave of nostalgia.

Rewind about four year ago (yes, that’s way too short of a time span) when I was a senior in high school on the verge of some major social and mental changes, blunders, and breakthroughs. Myself and a group of 3 of my good friends decided to attend “The Seaport Six” at the Bank of America Pavilion on the shores of Boston. Stephie Copeland and the Pedestrians, Reptar, Delta Spirit, Grouplove, Cake, and Two Door Cinema Club all came together that day for a farewell concert to the once great 101.7 WFNX Boston-based radio station. My friends and I had showed up a bit late and missed Stephie Copeland and the Pedestrians, but I’ll never forget the opening words of the first live band I ever saw. Lead vocalist Graham Ulicny stood in front of a small crowd and said “Hey everyone, we’re Reptar! Our name used to be Pizza, but it’s not Pizza anymore, it’s Reptar.” After one song Ulicny realized that the pavilion was not even close to full yet, and said “Everyone in the back, come up to the front and dance…yeah I know there’s security guards, but screw them, let’s have some fun!” Much to my surprise the security guards actually started letting people through, and a bizarrely memorable hipster dance party ensued.

Flash forward back to the present day as a grin creeps up on my face seeing “Water Runs” show up on my phone during my drive home. I pretend I’m several band members at once as I belt out the lyrical ode to friendship while playing the top of my steering wheel like a miniature rounded piano. I’m looking forward to digging through my mountain of poorly organized clothes to find my first concert tee: a strange teal shirt containing pink clouds playing musical instruments, and the word “Reptar” written in pink bubble letters across the top of the shirt. It’s certainly a shirt that raises far more questions among friends who read it than I have time to answer, but all that’s worth it for the memory of my first live experience.