All hail the power of casual and informal social media interactions! This bass-slapping ear-moth would never have reached your ears if not for a friendly act of appreciation on behalf of Chet Faker towards Marcus Marr on Twitter. Chet Faker posted a song of Marr’s to his Twitter page, subsequently sparking a so-called “nerdy” conversation between the two about recording processes. The exchange progressed to include new song ideas and collaborative possibilities, then lo and behold, “The Trouble With Us” was born.

Chet Faker never fails to entertain when it comes to his promoted morals. “The Trouble With Us” plays into the convoluted archetype of the quest associated in the monotony of finding a quote unquote “soulmate”. He preaches that a major stigma in common social mindsets is that humans accept significant connective rifts between people that they feel falsely tied together due to the masking sense that initial infatuation can cause. The music video adds to that sentiment, as an audio-visual representation of following the beaten path is seen to lead to a bleakly cliche existence. That’s not much a a storybook theme…quite the opposite actually. But Chet Faker and realism go together like a shaking tail on a happy dog.

Don’t expect to hear from Chet Faker any time soon though. The young budding artist has pulled an antithetical Prince-esque move by abandoning his stage name. As of September 8th, he will be producing music under his real name “Nick Murphy” for the rest of the foreseeable future. No need to fear the change if you’re a true fan however, as Murphy made sure to clarify when announcing the change that, “Chet Faker will always be a part of the music”.