People to meet, things to do, places to be! I’ve had quite the adventurous weekend of travel over the past several days and I’ve got to say, I really enjoy letting my wheels cruise along hundreds of miles of previously untouristed pavement at a time. So many people complain about forced travel, but I feel as though that’s because of the poor approach they bring to the table. The members of Houndmouth propose a defensible solution to this journeyed frustration, that being to leave the troubles associated with your departure behind and to treat the newness you encounter with acceptance, excitement, and most of all, patience. Applicable example A: Don’t just buy that book, read it slowly too.

Many loyal fans of the blog may recognize Houndmouth from the inclusion of their 2015 album “Little Neon Limelight” on my “Top 10 Albums of 2015” list, where it ranked 6th. Their first full-length album “From The Hills Below The City” was equally as impressive as the former, bringing to light everything there is to love about alternative folk with its rugged rifts and comfortingly twangy verses. I mean seriously, have you ever wanted to sing a duet face to face more than during the bridge (1:37-1:58), where the two stand at contrast explaining through their homey drawl everything that they can’t offer rather than traits that could support and accommodate each other. So folky, so fun, and so right up my alley.