The ever-amusing Song Of The Day segment needs a bit of a rest. Don’t worry, Songs Of The Day aren’t going away. I wouldn’t do that to you guys. But just like any recurring bit, a frequented relief is more than necessary. That’s why I’d like to introduce the palpably overdue segment Album Of The Month (AOTM). Similar to the Songs Of The Day, Albums Of The Month can be new or old, well-known or unheard of, and socially pertinent or irrelevant. Regardless of their relevance, what matters is that they are entertaining and meaningful in purpose. Albums Of The Month may not be as easy to consume as an individual Song Of The Day, but they undoubtedly provide a more immersive listening experience that accurately captures the lives and outlooks of artists through their rounded compilations.

To kick off this fresh segment, I figured we could start with one of my favorite albums released thus far in 2017. Leif Vollebekk ignited wonderment into the singer/songwriter world at the tail end of 2016 by releasing the enchanting ballad “Elegy”. Autobiographical but mysteriously unspecific, “Elegy” starkly contrasted Vollebekk’s previous experience with an acoustic guitar by using a dramatically calming piano in conjunction with cautiously precipitous cymbal-woodblock combos. The supplanted album Twin Solitude followed suit with appeasing mixes of pianos and light percussion. Each songs does its part in soothing the soul while also kindling rambunctious thoughts resembling the types of ideas that are constantly stirring inside the heads of insomniacs. Vollebekk’s mental restlessness and never-ending goal-setting are reflected not only in the broadly reflective lyrics, but in each song’s resemblance to a hymnal ramble that strays far past the boundaries each verse provides. Twin Solitude is unquestionably Vollebekk’s best work yet as it consciously roams past what was previously comfortable and shows he is willing to take risks to expand his perceived identity.

Favorite Tracks: Elegy, Into The Ether, Vancouver Time, Michigan, Big Sky Country