In a musical world full of vague inspiration and loose interpretation, it isn’t often that you’re granted the privilege of a narrator piecing together the itemized steps of how his or her song is supposed to make you act and feel. As the deep voiced English chronicler points out, “Warm & Easy” is a straggler’s guide to happiness amidst young, meager quirkiness (emphasis on the quirky). The wave of strange sounds is brewed together in an exploratory pot of experience conjured up by the industry leading professionals Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell, whose origins lie with the renowned electronic band Hot Chip and The 1965 Records respectively. Peculiar as this song may be, the aforementioned experienced hands have boiled up a uniquely fun and happy track that can make listeners laugh, dance, and stay thoroughly hooked through all 3 minutes.

When “Warm & Easy” is broken down to it’s essence, The 2 bears basically took an electronic song, slapped a 5 panel hat on it’s head and sent it longboarding through an open street of psychedelic rock. The music video cuts to Warm & Easy’s discernible west-coast core, as the characters represent the physical embodiment of Californication manifested through a combination of lax coolness and bold weirdness. By the song’s conclusion, the head-bobbing, toe tapping listener has gained a such strange affinity to the once off-putting narrator that hearing him fade off is like parting ways with a hilariously entertaining and oddly personable new friend. That life of the party leaves a simple lesson on his way out the door, and for once it’s bluntly stated without having to decipher lines of cryptic lyrical code. Love is what you want!